IF Democracy...

Shannon Wheatley Hartman, Ph.D., is an Associate with the Interactivity Foundation, a non-profit devoted to engaging people in public discussions and thinking about possibilities for future public policies. She is about to launch a Future of Mobility Project that will explore how mobility shapes our society, our sense of self, our capacities to work, and our sense of home.

A Failed Experiment

The presidential candidates may not have talked much about climate change or our declining infrastructure, but families sure are after countless power outages.

Self-Driving Cars

As California is one of the first to move ahead with self-driving cars, the state is encountering a series of legal and moral questions: Who is responsible for the self-driving car? If the operator of the car is at home while the car is, for example, collecting a child from school—who is responsible for this car? The manufacturers? The “driver”? The rider?

Wendell E. Berry Lecture

Following up on David Brooks’s op-ed about the importance of place, here is a deeper discussion of the importance of “the local.” Wendell Berry offers a very thoughtful discussion on the importance of “immobility”—of “sticking” and the wealth of information that comes from knowing one place well. Are we, however, better stewards of the land and better neighbors (local and global) by “staying put”? Or, are we more likely to get “stuck” and become mired in our local realities?  

The Power of the Particular

Bruce Springsteen’s appeal is a reminder of our deeply human need to experience and express meaning within the bounded framework of a place, a people and a history.

State of Prosperity: These Locations Tied to ‘Economic Mobility’ | ecreditdaily.com

Is the ability to move linked to achieving the “American Dream”? As we continue to think about social mobility in the United States and elsewhere, how are we measuring social mobility? Is social mobility the same as economic mobility? What effects socio-economic mobility? According to the Economic Mobility Project by the Pew Charitable Trusts, where you live impacts your ability to climb the social ladder. Northeast wins!